While we are an open cycling club, we like to ride with prospective members before we invite them to join. The best way to join Team Geaux Race is to hop on a training ride.


There are plenty of benefits to joining Team Geaux Race. Obviously, one of the biggest benefits is training and competing with a team. In cycling, you can't succeed without one. You'll also enjoy:

  • discounted gear at local bike shops
  • carpooling to events
  • sharing hotel rooms (and other expenses)
  • race registration reimbursements
  • discounted team kits
  • team training camps
  • volunteer opportunities
  • great food at events, and more


We're a team of cyclists - not bikers. Most of us train throughout the year, and most of our rides are A-paced drop rides. While these aren't hard and fast requirements, you should probably be able to:

  • ride in a paceline (single or double)
  • maintain a 20+ mph average
  • work as part of a team (pulling, blocking, etc)

If that doesn't sound like you (yet), try the Baton Rouge Bike Club. They cater more to bikers, enthusiasts, and casual riders, and that's where most of us started.

On the other hand, if you're ready to join Team Geaux Race, join a training ride.

Join a training ride
Team Geaux Race kit.